Cheryl Baker is a name that brings smiles to many faces. Cheryl Baker became famous when she and her band, Bucks Fizz, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. This was just the beginning of her amazing journey in music and television.

Over the years, Cheryl Baker has done many wonderful things. She has sung in front of huge crowds, appeared on popular TV shows, and even worked in the theater. Cheryl Baker continues to inspire people with her talent and kindness.

Cheryl Baker’s Early Life and Start in Music

Cheryl Baker was born on March 8, 1954, in Bethnal Green, London. As a child, she loved singing and performing. Her real name is Rita Maria Crudgington, but she became famous as Cheryl Baker. Cheryl’s passion for music started early, and she joined her first band when she was just 17 years old.

After school, Cheryl worked in an office but never gave up on her dream of being a singer. She joined a band called Co-Co, and they even went to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978. Even though they didn’t win, Cheryl didn’t give up. She knew that she wanted to keep singing and performing.

In 1980, Cheryl’s big chance came. She was asked to join a new band called Bucks Fizz. Little did she know that this would change her life forever. The band was getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest, and Cheryl was excited to be a part of it.

Winning Eurovision: Cheryl Baker and Bucks Fizz

In 1981, Cheryl Baker and Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Making Your Mind Up.” This was a huge moment for Cheryl and the band. They performed the song with lots of energy and even had a fun dance move where the boys ripped off the girls’ skirts to reveal shorter ones underneath.

This win made Cheryl Baker a household name. People all over Europe knew who she was, and the song became a big hit. Winning Eurovision opened many doors for Cheryl and Bucks Fizz. They started to tour and perform in many different countries.

Everywhere they went, fans loved them. Cheryl loved being on stage and performing. She always had a big smile and lots of energy. Winning Eurovision was just the start of many more exciting adventures for Cheryl and the band.

Cheryl Baker’s Big Hits with Bucks Fizz

After winning Eurovision, Cheryl Baker and Bucks Fizz had many more hits. Some of their biggest songs were “The Land of Make Believe,” “My Camera Never Lies,” and of course, “Making Your Mind Up.” These songs were very popular, and they reached the top of the charts in many countries.

Cheryl loved making music and performing with her bandmates. They had a lot of fun together and worked very hard. They made many music videos, appeared on TV shows, and performed at big concerts. Cheryl’s favorite part was seeing the fans sing along to their songs.

Even though it was hard work, Cheryl never stopped loving what she did. She felt lucky to be able to make music and share it with so many people. Her time with Bucks Fizz was full of amazing memories and great music.

Cheryl Baker’s Television Career

In the mid-1980s, Cheryl Baker started a new chapter in her career. She began working as a television presenter. Her first show was a children’s program called “How Dare You!” Cheryl was great on TV because she was always cheerful and fun.

Cheryl’s most famous TV job was hosting “Record Breakers.” She worked on the show for 11 years and became a favorite with viewers. She also had her own show called “Eggs ‘n’ Baker,” where she cooked and talked to musical guests. Cheryl loved doing TV because it was different from singing, but still a lot of fun.

Even after her music career, Cheryl stayed busy with TV. She appeared on many shows like “Dancing on Ice” and “Celebrity Mastermind.” Cheryl loved trying new things and entertaining people in different ways. Her TV career showed that she could do more than just sing.

Cheryl Baker and The Fizz: Continuing the Legacy

In 2004, Cheryl Baker reunited with some of her old bandmates from Bucks Fizz. They started performing again under the name The Original Bucks Fizz. Later, they changed the name to The Fizz. Cheryl was happy to be back on stage with her friends.

The Fizz released new albums and went on tours. They even made a Christmas album, which Cheryl loved. She enjoyed singing the old songs and new ones too. Performing with The Fizz brought back many happy memories for Cheryl.

Cheryl and The Fizz kept the spirit of Bucks Fizz alive. Fans still loved their music, and new generations discovered their songs. Cheryl felt proud to continue the legacy of Bucks Fizz and share it with the world.

Cheryl Baker’s Work in Theater

Cheryl Baker also tried her hand at theater. She performed in many musicals and plays. Some of the shows she was in included “Footloose,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Cheryl found theater to be a fun but challenging experience.

Performing in theater was different from singing in a band. Cheryl had to learn lines and act, which was new for her. She enjoyed the challenge and loved working with other actors. Her favorite role was in “Footloose,” where she performed in the West End and on tour.

Theater was a great way for Cheryl to show her talents in a different way. Even though it made her nervous sometimes, she loved the excitement of being on stage. Cheryl’s theater work showed that she could do many different things in her career.

Cheryl Baker’s Charity Work and Kind Heart

Cheryl Baker is not just a talented singer and performer; she also has a kind heart. She has been involved in many charity activities over the years. One of the causes she supports is Demelza, a children’s hospice. Cheryl has been helping them for over 20 years.

Cheryl has done many things to raise money and awareness for charity. She has run in marathons, opened charity shops, and even participated in virtual events. Cheryl loves giving back and helping those in need.

Her charity work is very important to her. Cheryl believes in using her fame to make a difference. She hopes to inspire others to help and support good causes too. Cheryl’s kindness and generosity make her even more special.

Cheryl Baker’s Family Life

Cheryl Baker is not just a star; she is also a loving wife and mother. She married Steve Stroud, a musician, and they have twin daughters named Kyla and Natalie. Cheryl loves spending time with her family and they are very close.

Her daughters are now grown up, and Cheryl is very proud of them. Kyla and Natalie are talented singers and performers, just like their mom. Sometimes, they even sing with The Fizz as backing singers. Cheryl enjoys seeing her daughters follow in her footsteps.

Family is very important to Cheryl. She loves her busy career, but her family always comes first. Cheryl’s family life is full of love and happiness, and she cherishes every moment with them.

Cheryl Baker’s Hobbies and Interests

Cheryl Baker has many hobbies and interests outside of music and TV. One of her favorite things to do is gardening. She loves spending time in her garden, planting flowers, and taking care of her plants. Gardening helps Cheryl relax and enjoy nature.

Cheryl also enjoys cooking. She loves trying out new recipes and making delicious meals for her family. Her TV show “Eggs ‘n’ Baker” was all about cooking, and she had a great time sharing her favorite dishes with viewers.

In her free time, Cheryl likes to stay active. She enjoys going for walks and keeping fit. Cheryl believes in staying healthy and happy. Her hobbies and interests show that she loves to have fun and try new things.

Cheryl Baker’s Style and Fashion

Cheryl Baker has always had a great sense of style. From her days in Bucks Fizz to now, she loves dressing up and looking her best. Cheryl enjoys fashion and likes to experiment with different looks.

In the 1980s, Cheryl and her bandmates were known for their colorful and fun outfits. They loved wearing bright clothes and cool accessories. Cheryl’s fashion was always eye-catching and trendy. She enjoyed being a style icon and inspiring others with her outfits.

Today, Cheryl still loves fashion. She likes to mix classic and modern styles. Whether she’s on stage or just out and about, Cheryl always looks fabulous. Her sense of style is just another part of what makes her so special.

Cheryl Baker’s Future Plans and Dreams

Cheryl Baker has had an amazing career, but she still has many dreams and plans for the future. She wants to keep performing with The Fizz and make more music. Cheryl loves being on stage and sharing her songs with fans.

Cheryl also hopes to do more television work. She enjoys being on TV and trying new things. Cheryl is always looking for new opportunities and ways to entertain people. She believes that there are still many exciting adventures ahead.

Most of all, Cheryl wants to keep enjoying her life and spending time with her family. She is grateful for all the wonderful experiences she has had and looks forward to many more. Cheryl’s future is bright, and she can’t wait to see what comes next.


Cheryl Baker is a true star. From her early days in music to her big win at Eurovision, she has done so many amazing things. Cheryl’s journey is full of exciting adventures and happy memories. She has touched the hearts of many people with her talent and kindness.

Her story is inspiring. Cheryl Baker shows that with hard work and a big smile, you can achieve your dreams. She loves her work, her family, and her fans. Cheryl’s journey is far from over, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.